We specialise in moving and installing heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

Our team are qualified to manage a wide range of relocation projects, from on-site moves to full de-commissioning, move and re-installation of factory equipment. From single items up to complete plant equipment and pipework, we can move and relocate quickly to complex schedules.

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Before the lift of any heavy items, we perform a free site survey.

With sites with limited access, on occasion there is a need to use a lorry mounted crane system.

This unique service enables materials to be hoisted up onto the roof or in through a window of a building without the need to have scaffolding and a hoist installed on site. At Lift and Shift Services we do offer rigging for lifting and access should it be deemed necessary.

At Lift and Shift Services we also offer a plant and pipework removal service. From a single radiator in a private dwelling to the removal of an entire heating system from within a hospital or school we are able to manage this section of your project for you. From the initial method statement and risk assessment through to the safe removal & disposal of the redundant equipment we can look after these works on your behalf, leaving you to progress with either the installation of the new system or an area of free space.

We challenge conventional thinking, aspiring beyond accepted limitations, and we don’t stop until we have the smartest, most effective solution to each and every challenge.

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Initial contact

Contacting us is easy. Either by calling us on 07590 438 888, or by emailing us at enquiries@liftandshiftservices.co.uk. We will be more than happy to assist you.

All lifting and shifting is performed after a full safety check.

The assessment

We ensure that all work is carried out safely, delivered through our Lift and Shift safety checks, site surveys and task specific risk and method statements within our operations framework.

Complete dismantling and removal of redundant plant and pipework.

The lift

Whether it be a single item to be moved on a stair climbing machine, or complete dismantling and removal of redundant plant and pipework within a plant room we can shift it.

Once we have performed the lift, we will safely and professionally relocate your heavy items.

The shift

Once we have made the lift, we will relocate your item/s for you using our equipment and vehicles. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and safety throughout the process.

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